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Zones are areas of the map with designated themes, mobs, and scenery. They are connected to other zones by "zone lines"; crossing over to another zone is called "zoning". Zoning can take anywhere from several seconds to several minutes, depending on the player's computer. Zones are, in essence, the smallest unit of seamless playable area in the game, and are stored on the player's hard drive. An area such as a city might be comprised of two or three smaller zones (like Freeport), while a large zone might contain an entire small city and a vast forest (like Greater Faydark). Zones represent a wide variety of geographical features that can be found in EverQuest, including plains, oceans, cities, deserts, forests, and alternate planes of existence.

With the many expansions for EverQuest released over the years, there is a noticeable difference in the appearance of older zones and newer zones. Newer zones tend to have more advanced graphics and some advanced features such as interactive objects or scripted events with non-player characters. One feature introduced in Lost Dungeons of Norrath is "instanced zones" where a group of players can have an "instance" of the zone all to themselves, and a large number of instances can exist simultaneously.

Atlas of the Everquest world. Each of the main locations have been mapped so click on the continent.

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EverQuest Original Zones[]

Ruins of Kunark Zones[]

Scars of Velious Zones[]

The Shadows of Luclin Zones[]

The Planes of Power Zones[]

Legacy of Ykesha Zones[]

Lost Dungeons of Norrath Zones[]

Deepest Guk 20-75 Antonica
Deepest Guk: Ritualist of Hate 65-80 Antonica
Deepest Guk: The Curse Reborn 65-75 Antonica
Deepest Guk: The Rescue 65-75 Antonica
Miragul's Menagerie 20-75 Antonica
Miragul's Menagerie: Frozen Nightmare 65-75 Antonica
Miragul's Menagerie: Synarcana 65-75 Antonica
Mistmoore Catacombs 20-75 Faydwer
Mistmoore Catacombs: Scion Lair of Fury 65-75 Faydwer
Mistmoore Catacombs: The Asylum of Invoked Stone 65-75 Faydwer
Rujarkin Hills 20-70 Antonica
Rujarkin Hills: Prison Break 65-75 Antonica
Rujarkin Hills: The Hidden Vale 65-75 Antonica
Takish-Hiz 20-75 Antonica
Takish-Hiz: Sunken Library 65-80 Antonica
Takish-Hiz: The Palace Grounds 65-80 Antonica
Takish-Hiz: Within the Compact 65-75 Antonica

Gates of Discord Zones[]

Abysmal Sea 1-75 Taelosia
Natimbi, The Broken Shores 40-60 Taelosia
Qinimi, Court of Nihilia 50-75 Taelosia
Riwwi, Coliseum of Games 60-70 Taelosia
Barindu, Hanging Gardens 55-65 Taelosia
Sewers of Nihilia, Purifying Plant 60-75 Taelosia
Sewers of Nihilia, the Crematory 60-75 Taelosia
Sewers of Nihilia, Lair of Trapped Ones 60-65 Taelosia
Sewers of Nihilia, Pool of Sludge 60-75 Taelosia
Vixed, The Crumbling Caverns 65-75 Taelosia
Tipt, Treacherous Crags 65-75 Taelosia
Ferubi, Forgotten Temple of Taelosia 60-75 Taelosia
Kod'Taz, Broken Trial Grounds 65-75 Taelosia
Ikkinz: Trial of Singular Might 65-75 Taelosia
Ikkinz: Trial of Twin Struggles 65-75 Taelosia
Ikkinz: Trial of Tri-Fates 65-75 Taelosia
Ikkinz: Trial of Righteousness 65-75 Taelosia
Ikkinz: Trial of Glorification 65-75 Taelosia
Ikkinz: Trial of Transcendence 65-75 Taelosia
Ikkinz: Chambers of Destruction 65-75 Taelosia
Yxtta, Pulpit of Exiles 65-75 Taelosia
Uqua, The Ocean God Chantry 65-75 Taelosia
Qvic, Prayer Grounds of Calling 65-75 Taelosia
Inku'Ta, The Unmasked Chapel 65-75 Taelosia
Txevu, Lair of the Elite 65-75 Taelosia
Tacvi, Seat of the Slaver 65-75 Taelosia

Omens of War Zones[]

Dranik's Scar 30-60 Kuua
Dranik's Hollows A (Watering Hole) 45-70 Kuua
Dranik's Hollows B (Fire Pit) 45-75 Kuua
Dranik's Hollows C (Murkglider Hive) 45-75 Kuua
Catacombs of Dranik A 55-75 Kuua
Catacombs of Dranik B 55-75 Kuua
Catacombs of Dranik C 55-75 Kuua
Catacombs of Dranik: Redemption 65-75 Kuua
Harbinger's Spire 55-75 Kuua
The Bloodfields 55-75 Kuua
Ruined City of Dranik 65-75 Kuua
Sewers of Dranik A 60-75 Kuua
Sewers of Dranik B 60-75 Kuua
Sewers of Dranik C 60-75 Kuua
Nobles' Causeway 60-75 Kuua
Wall of Slaughter 60-75 Kuua
Muramite Proving Grounds 65-75 Kuua
Plane of Hate: Innoruuk's Realm 65-75 Kuua
Proving Grounds: The Mastery of Destruction 65-75 Kuua
Proving Grounds: The Mastery of Efficiency 65-75 Kuua
Proving Grounds: The Mastery of Fear 65-75 Kuua
Proving Grounds: The Mastery of Ingenuity 65-75 Kuua
Proving Grounds: The Mastery of Subversion 65-75 Kuua
Proving Grounds: The Mastery of Weaponry 65-75 Kuua
Proving Grounds: The Mastery of Adaptation 70-75 Kuua
Proving Grounds: The Mastery of Corruption 70-75 Kuua
Proving Grounds: The Mastery of Endurance 70-75 Kuua
Proving Grounds: The Mastery of Foresight 70-75 Kuua
Proving Grounds: The Mastery of Hate 70-75 Kuua
Proving Grounds: The Mastery of Specialization 70-75 Kuua
Riftseeker's Sanctum 65-80 Kuua
Asylum of Anguish 70-80 Kuua

Dragons of Norrath Zones[]

Guild Hall 1-95 N/A
Guild Lobby 1-95 N/A
Lavaspinner's Lair 45-75 Antonica
Lavaspinner's Lair: A Halfling's Greed 65-85 Antonica
Lavaspinner's Lair: Forbin's Elixer 65-75 Antonica
Lavaspinner's Lair: Infested 65-80 Antonica
Lavaspinner's Lair: Lavaspinner Hunting 65-75 Antonica
Lavaspinner's Lair: Lavaspinner's Locals 45-85 Antonica
Lavaspinner's Lair: The Drake Menace 65-85 Antonica
Lavaspinner's Lair: Volkara's Bite 70-75 Antonica
Stillmoon Temple 55-75 Antonica
Stillmoon Temple: Animated Statue Plans 65-75 Antonica
Stillmoon Temple: Best Laid Plans 70-75 Antonica
Stillmoon Temple: Diseased Pumas 65-75 Antonica
Stillmoon Temple: Guardian of the Sands 65-75 Antonica
Stillmoon Temple: Scales of Justice 65-70 Antonica
Stillmoon Temple: Sickness of the Spirit 70-75 Antonica
Stillmoon Temple: Tea for Thy Master 65-90 Antonica
The Accursed Nest 65-75 Antonica
The Accursed Nest: Circle of Drakes 70-75 Antonica
The Accursed Nest: Clues 65-75 Antonica
The Accursed Nest: Dragon's Egg 65-75 Antonica
The Accursed Nest: In the Shadows 70-75 Antonica
The Accursed Nest: Lair of the Blackwing 70-75 Antonica
The Accursed Nest: Lost Comrades 70-75 Antonica
The Accursed Nest: Rival Party 70-75 Antonica
The Accursed Nest: Spider's Eye 65-75 Antonica
The Accursed Nest: The Curse of Ju'rek 70-75 Antonica
The Accursed Nest: The Rampaging Monolith 70-75 Antonica
The Accursed Nest: Web of Lies 65-75 Antonica
The Ascent 60-75 Antonica
The Ascent: Death Comes Swiftly 60-75 Antonica
The Ascent: Drake Eggs 65-75 Antonica
The Ascent: Kessdona's Perch 70-75 Antonica
The Ascent: Reflections of Silver 70-75 Antonica
The Ascent: Signal Fires 65-80 Antonica
The Ascent: Storm Dragon Scales 60-70 Antonica
The Ascent: Sudden Tremors 65-75 Antonica
The Broodlands 40-60 Antonica
Thundercrest Isles 60-75 Antonica
Thundercrest Isles: A Simple Task 60-85 Antonica
Thundercrest Isles: An End to the Storms 70-75 Antonica
Thundercrest Isles: Behind Closed Doors 65-85 Antonica
Thundercrest Isles: History of the Isle 65-75 Antonica
Thundercrest Isles: Holy Hour 65-85 Antonica
Thundercrest Isles: House of the Autumn Rose 60-70 Antonica
Thundercrest Isles: Lair Unguarded 70-75 Antonica
Thundercrest Isles: Scions of Thundercrest 65-75 Antonica
Thundercrest Isles: Splitting the Storm 60-85 Antonica
Thundercrest Isles: The Creator 65-75 Antonica
Thundercrest Isles: The Gilded Scroll 70-75 Antonica
Thundercrest Isles: Throes of Contagion 60-85 Antonica
Tirranun's Delve 60-75 Antonica
Tirranun's Delve: Children of Gimblax 65-75 Antonica
Tirranun's Delve: Have Note Will Travel 60-75 Antonica
Tirranun's Delve: Storming the Goblin Temple 65-75 Antonica

Depths of Darkhollow Zones[]

Caverns of the Lost ??-?? Antonica
Corathus Creep ??-?? Antonica
Corathus Lair: The Mines ??-?? Antonica
Corathus Lair: The Rescue ??-?? Antonica
Coven of the Skinwalkers: Rescue Cicero ??-?? Antonica
Coven of the Skinwalkers: Spies Like Them ??-?? Antonica
Dreadspire Keep ??-?? Antonica
Dreadspire Keep: Demi-Plane of Blood ??-?? Antonica
Illsalin Marketplace ??-?? Antonica
Lair of the Creep Beast ??-?? Antonica
Lair of the Korlach: Discovering the Secret ??-?? Antonica
Lair of the Korlach: Into the Leviathan's Lair ??-?? Antonica
Lair of the Korlach: Learning the Power ??-?? Antonica
Lair of the Korlach: Raid Instance ??-?? Antonica
Lair of the Korlach: Taking Control ??-?? Antonica
Lair of the Korlach: The Search for Coral ??-?? Antonica
Living Larder: Find Fiddlebrap 3, The Hive ??-?? Antonica
Living Larder: The Lost Gnomes ??-?? Antonica
Living Larder: The Search for Clues ??-?? Antonica
Lodge of the Fang ??-?? Antonica
Nagafen's Lair: Defending the Lair ??-?? Antonica
Prince's Manor: The Rage of Kelliad ??-?? Antonica
Prince's Manor: The Search for Ilsuras ??-?? Antonica
Queen Sendaii's Lair ??-?? Antonica
Ruins of Illsalin ??-?? Antonica
Shadow Spine ??-?? Antonica
Snarlstone Dens: A Plea for Help ??-?? Antonica
Snarlstone Dens: Bloodeye ??-?? Antonica
Snarlstone Dens: Confronting a Traitor ??-?? Antonica
Snarlstone Dens: Shadowmane Invasion ??-?? Antonica
Sporali Caverns: Antraygus, the Sporali King ??-?? Antonica
Sporali Caverns: Cavern Botany ??-?? Antonica
Sporali Caverns: Defending the Grove ??-?? Antonica
Sporali Caverns: Sporali Mind Meld ??-?? Antonica
Sporali Caverns: Way of the Freemind ??-?? Antonica
Stoneroot Falls ??-?? Antonica
Stoneroot Falls: A Rogue's Trust ??-?? Antonica
Stoneroot Falls: Building the Disguise ??-?? Antonica
Stoneroot Falls: Scouting the City ??-?? Antonica
Temple of the Korlach: Last of the Legion ??-?? Antonica
Temple of the Korlach: Praetorian Guard ??-?? Antonica
Temple of the Korlach: Shiliskin Subterfuge ??-?? Antonica
Temple of the Korlach: The Council of Nine ??-?? Antonica
Temple of the Korlach: The Korlach ??-?? Antonica
The Hive ??-?? Antonica
The Hive: Freeing an Elder ??-?? Antonica
The Hive: Hides You Seek ??-?? Antonica
The Hive: Infiltrating the Hive ??-?? Antonica
The Hive: Sabotage! ??-?? Antonica
The Hive: The Accursed Book ??-?? Antonica
The Hive: The Lost Notebook ??-?? Antonica
The Hive: The Orb of Subversion ??-?? Antonica
The Liberation of Runnyeye ??-?? Antonica
The Nargilor Pits: Deserting the Ranks ??-?? Antonica
The Nargilor Pits: Emperor Draygun ??-?? Antonica
The Nargilor Pits: Preemptive Strike ??-?? Antonica
The Nargilor Pits: The Last Migration ??-?? Antonica
Undershore ??-?? Antonica
Undershore: Trailing Longshadow ??-?? Antonica

Prophecy of Ro Zones[]

Academy of Arcane Sciences ??-?? ??
Arcstone, Isle of Spirits ??-?? ??
City Hall: Drachnid Spies ??-?? ??
Deathknell, Tower of Dissonance ??-?? ??
Dulak's Harbor: The Grozmok Stone ??-?? ??
Eastern Wastes: Cage Kerafyrm ??-?? ??
Everfrost Peaks: Battle for Permafrost ??-?? ??
Freeport Arena ??-?? ??
Freeport Militia House ??-?? ??
Freeport Sewers ??-?? ??
Freeport Sewers: Ratfink Mystery ??-?? ??
Freeport Sewers: The Ooze News ??-?? ??
Great Divide: The Defense of Thurgadin ??-?? ??
Great Divide: The Founding of Thurgadin ??-?? ??
Hall of Truth ??-?? ??
Kael Drakkel: A Daring Raid ??-?? ??
Razorthorn, Tower of Sullon Zek ??-?? ??
Razorthorn: Hero's Challenge ??-?? ??
Razorthorn: Samples of Corruption ??-?? ??
Relic, the Artifact City ??-?? ??
Rivervale: Zombie Invasion ??-?? ??
Ruins of Takish-Hiz ??-?? ??
Ruins of Takish-Hiz: Message to the Past ??-?? ??
Ruins of Takish-Hiz: The Burning Prince ??-?? ??
Skylance: Daosheen the Firstborn ??-?? ??
Skylance: The Laboratory ??-?? ??
Skylance: The Library ??-?? ??
Skylance: The Oubliette ??-?? ??
Sverag, Stronghold of Rage ??-?? ??
The Devastation ??-?? ??
The Elddar Forest ??-?? ??
The Root of Ro: Lair of Suchun ??-?? ??
The Root of Ro: The Key to the Past ??-?? ??
The Seething Wall ??-?? ??
Theater of Blood ??-?? ??
Theater of the Tranquil ??-?? ??
Tunare's Shrine: Investigating the Elddar ??-?? ??
Tunare's Shrine: Questioning the Priest ??-?? ??
Tunare's Shrine: The Corruption of Ro ??-?? ??

The Serpent's Spine Zones[]

Ashengate East ??-?? Antonica
Ashengate North ??-?? Antonica
Ashengate West ??-?? Antonica
Ashengate, Reliquary of the Scale ??-?? Antonica
Blackfeather Roost ??-?? Antonica
Blightfire Moors ??-?? Antonica
Crescent Reach ??-?? Antonica
Direwind Cliffs ??-?? Antonica
Frostcrypt, Throne of the Shade King ??-?? Antonica
Frostcrypt: Raid Instance #1 ??-?? Antonica
Frostcrypt: Raid Instance #2 ??-?? Antonica
Goru'kar Mesa ??-?? Antonica
Icefall Glacier ??-?? Antonica
Stone Hive ??-?? Antonica
Sunderock Springs ??-?? Antonica
The Steppes ??-?? Antonica
Valdeholm ??-?? Antonica
Valdeholm: Kill Kangur ??-?? Antonica
Valdeholm: Speak with the King ??-?? Antonica
Valdeholm: Udengar the Traitor ??-?? Antonica
Vergalid Mines ??-?? Antonica
Vergalid Mines: Into the Leviathan's Lair ??-?? Antonica
Vergalid Mines: Vergalid's End ??-?? Antonica

The Buried Sea Zones[]

Barren Coast ?? Odus
Blacksail Folly: A Spy Among Them ?? Odus
Blacksail Folly: Buried Treasure ?? Odus
Blacksail Folly: Reduce His Numbers ?? Odus
Blacksail Folly: Running Rum ?? Odus
Blacksail Folly: Sharpeye's Demise ?? Odus
Deadbone Reef: Pirate Stew ?? Odus
Deadbone Reef: Shipping Lanes ?? Odus
Deadbone Reef: The Drowned Dead ?? Odus
Jardel's Hook: Jardel's Hidden Cove ?? Odus
Jewel of Atiiki ?? Odus
Jewel of Atiiki: Fate of the Combine ?? Odus
Jewel of Atiiki: Gorillas in the Garden ?? Odus
Jewel of Atiiki: Knowledge for Power ?? Odus
Jewel of Atiiki: Stone Tongue of Ateleka ?? Odus
Jewel of Atiiki: The Great Invasion ?? Odus
Katta Castrum ?? Odus
Maiden's Grave: If You Can't Beat Em ?? Odus
Maiden's Grave: Mer's Lost Love ?? Odus
Maiden's Grave: Never Trust a Siren ?? Odus
Maiden's Grave: Piecing Things Together ?? Odus
Maiden's Grave: The Grim News ?? Odus
Monkey Rock: A Volatile Disease ?? Odus
Monkey Rock: An Experiment Gone Wrong ?? Odus
Monkey Rock: Cleansing the Island ?? Odus
Monkey Rock: Long Abandoned ?? Odus
Monkey Rock: The Wold Island ?? Odus
Redfeather Isle: Mystery of Aviak Island ?? Odus
Redfeather Isle: The Final Lyric ?? Odus
Silyssar, New Chelsith ?? Odus
Silyssar: Immortal Coils ?? Odus
Silyssar: Slay the Serpent ?? Odus
Silyssar: Stop the Ritual ?? Odus
Silyssar: The Source of Shissar Power ?? Odus
Silyssar: Where There's a Will ?? Odus
Solteris, the Throne of Ro ?? Odus
Suncrest Isle: Altar Call ?? Odus
Suncrest Isle: Pay a Visit ?? Odus
Suncrest Isle: Repaying the Tidewater Goblins ?? Odus
Suncrest Isle: Sunstone Savages ?? Odus
Suncrest Isle: The Secret of Suncrest Ridge ?? Odus
Thalassius, the Coral Keep ?? Odus
Thalassius: Coral Diving ?? Odus
Thalassius: Evidence of Unity ?? Odus
Thalassius: Locating the Statue ?? Odus
Thalassius: Sea Serpents ?? Odus
Thalassius: The Hydromancer ?? Odus
The Buried Sea ?? Odus
The Open Sea: Hired Hands ?? Odus
The Open Sea: Pirating Ways ?? Odus
The Open Sea: Protect My Ship ?? Odus
The Open Sea: Stop Kenox! ?? Odus
The Open Sea: We Need More Crew ?? Odus
Zhisza, the Shissar Sanctuary ?? Odus
Zhisza: Confront Emperor Vaakiszh ?? Odus
Zhisza: Counter-Attack ?? Odus
Zhisza: Leave No Stone Unturned ?? Odus
Zhisza: The Domes Are Cracking ?? Odus
Zhisza: The Snakes are Hiding Something ?? Odus

Secrets of Faydwer Zones[]

Bloodmoon Keep ??-?? Faydwer
Bloodmoon Keep: Bronzebeard's Fate ??-?? Faydwer
Bloodmoon Keep: Crazok Moonfang ??-?? Faydwer
Bloodmoon Keep: Moonfang ??-?? Faydwer
Bloodmoon Keep: Ralkor's Crystals ??-?? Faydwer
Bloodmoon Keep: The Bloodmoon ??-?? Faydwer
Bloodmoon Keep: The Broodmother ??-?? Faydwer
Bloodmoon Keep: The Dark Crystals ??-?? Faydwer
Bloodmoon Keep: The Departed ??-?? Faydwer
Bloodmoon Keep: The Fanged Moon ??-?? Faydwer
Bloodmoon Keep: Walking Into Spider Webs ??-?? Faydwer
Crypt of Shade ??-?? Faydwer
Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened ??-?? Faydwer
Crystallos: Raid Instance ??-?? Faydwer
Deepscar's Den ??-?? Faydwer
Dragonscale Hills ??-?? Faydwer
Fortress Mechanotus ??-?? Faydwer
Gyrospire Beza ??-?? Faydwer
Gyrospire Beza: End the Return ??-?? Faydwer
Gyrospire Beza: How Does Your Garden Grow ??-?? Faydwer
Gyrospire Beza: It's All in Your Head ??-?? Faydwer
Gyrospire Beza: Sand in the Gears ??-?? Faydwer
Gyrospire Beza: Scout Gyrospire Beza ??-?? Faydwer
Gyrospire Zeka ??-?? Faydwer
Gyrospire Zeka: Cut Off the Head ??-?? Faydwer
Gyrospire Zeka: Did We Forget the Cheese ??-?? Faydwer
Gyrospire Zeka: Intelligence Gathering ??-?? Faydwer
Gyrospire Zeka: To Climb a Spire ??-?? Faydwer
Gyrospire Zeka: You Might Poke an Eye Out ??-?? Faydwer
Hills of Shade ??-?? Faydwer
Loping Plains ??-?? Faydwer
Meldrath's Majestic Mansion ??-?? Faydwer
Meldrath's Mansion: Raid Instance ??-?? Faydwer
S.H.I.P Workshop ??-?? Faydwer
S.H.I.P Workshop: Administrative Assassination ??-?? Faydwer
S.H.I.P Workshop: Deception and Interception ??-?? Faydwer
S.H.I.P Workshop: Kill Ungracious ??-?? Faydwer
S.H.I.P Workshop: Mechalossus ??-?? Faydwer
S.H.I.P Workshop: S.H.I.P Sabotage ??-?? Faydwer
S.H.I.P Workshop: Tactical Teleportation ??-?? Faydwer
Sandkeep Endurance Raid ??-?? Faydwer
The Mechamatic Guardian: Disposing of Things ??-?? Faydwer
The Mechamatic Guardian: Engine Room ??-?? Faydwer
The Mechamatic Guardian: Infiltrating the Guardian ??-?? Faydwer
The Mechamatic Guardian: Mechamatic Memory ??-?? Faydwer
The Mechamatic Guardian: Security, Yeah Right ??-?? Faydwer
The Mechamatic Guardian: Solo Tasks ??-?? Faydwer
The Mechamatic Guardian: Tracking the Steamworks ??-?? Faydwer
The Steam Factory ??-?? Faydwer
The Steam Factory: Raid Instance ??-?? Faydwer
The Mechamatic Guardian: Tinmizer's Wunderwerks ??-?? Faydwer

Seeds of Destruction Zones[]

Bloody Kithicor
Bloody Kithicor: Safe Passage
Citadel of the Worldslayer
City of Dranik
Field of Scale
Kaesora Hatchery
Kaesora Hatchery: An Impenetrable Shield
Kaesora Hatchery: Hatching a Plan
Kaesora Hatchery: The Brood of an Emperor
Kaesora Library
Kaesora Library: The Price of Knowledge
Korafax, Home of the Riders
Korafax: Inside Information
Korafax: Kill the Shearspawn
Korafax: Meeting Adjourned
Korafax: Stardouser
Korascian Warrens
Korascian Warrens: Murdunk's Final Stand
Korascian Warrens: The Crystal Bloom
Oceangreen Hills
Oceangreen Village
Oceangreen Village: A Dread Challenger
Oceangreen Village: Music For a Weary Soul
Oceangreen Village: Stop the Contamination
Old Blackburrow
Old Blackburrow: Beat the Blackburrow Boss
Old Blackburrow: Disrupting the Ritual
Old Blackburrow: Freedom!
Old Bloodfields
Old Bloodfields: Holding the Fort
Old Commonlands
Old Commonlands: Bitter Victuals
Old Commonlands: Safe Passage
Old Kurn's Tower
Old Kurn's Tower: Audience with the Warmaster
Old Kurn's Tower: Defeat the Dragonbane Phalanx
Rathe Council Chambers
Temple of Bertoxxulous
Temple of Bertoxxulous: A Corrupted Arch Priest
Temple of Bertoxxulous: Remove the Head
Temple of Bertoxxulous: The Bubonians are Coming!
The Precipice of War
The Void "A"
The Void "B"
The Void "C"
The Void "D"
The Void "E"
The Void "F"
The Void "G"
Toskirakk: Cruel Overseers
Toskirakk: Hiding in Plain Sight
Toskirakk: Spies, Lies, and Prison Cells

Underfoot Zones[]

Arthicrex ??-?? ??
Arthicrex: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Arthicrex To Serve Sporali ??-?? ??
Brell's Arena ??-?? ??
Brell's Rest ??-?? ??
Brell's Rest: Don't Fear the Destroyer ??-?? ??
Brell's Rest: Fippy's Revenge ??-?? ??
Brell's Temple ??-?? ??
Brell's Temple: An Audience with Brell Serilis ??-?? ??
Brell's Temple: Brell's Trials ??-?? ??
Brell's Temple: Fire in the Hole ??-?? ??
Convorteum ??-?? ??
Convorteum: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Convorteum: The First Corruption ??-?? ??
Convorteum: To Thine Own Creator Be False ??-?? ??
Convorteum: To Thine Own Creator Be True ??-?? ??
Cooling Chamber ??-?? ??
Cooling Chamber: Tasnise Underbelly ??-?? ??
Cooling Chamber: The Beast Below ??-?? ??
Fungal Forest ??-?? ??
Fungal Forest: The Fungal Bloom ??-?? ??
Fungal Forest: The Fungal Corruption ??-?? ??
Kernagir, the Shining City ??-?? ??
Kernagir: The Silent Schism ??-?? ??
Lichen Creep ??-?? ??
Lichen Creep: A Cunning Plan ??-?? ??
Lichen Creep: Bonfire of the Adherents ??-?? ??
Pellucid Grotto ??-?? ??
Pellucid Grotto: Seeding Frenzy ??-?? ??
Pellucid Grotto: The Unburrowing ??-?? ??
The Foundation ??-?? ??
The Foundation: Masked Invaders ??-?? ??
The Foundation: The Search for Saunk ??-?? ??
The Underquarry ??-?? ??
The Underquarry: Scent of a Woman ??-?? ??
The Underquarry: The Wrath of Brath ??-?? ??
Volska's Husk ??-?? ??
Volska's Husk: Kill the Hatchlings ??-?? ??

House of Thule Zones[]

Al'Kabor's Nightmare ??-?? ??
Al'Kabor's Nightmare: At World's End ??-?? ??
Al'Kabor's Nightmare: Catastrophic Power ??-?? ??
Erudin Burning ??-?? ??
Erudin Burning: The Illuminating Truth ??-?? ??
Erudin Burning: The Pit of All Fears ??-?? ??
Erudin Burning: The Torches of Truth ??-?? ??
Fear Itself ??-?? ??
Fear Itself: An Offering to Thule ??-?? ??
Fear Itself: Cazic's Final Stand ??-?? ??
Feerrott, the Dream ??-?? ??
Feerrott, the Dream: A Tearable Fear ??-?? ??
Feerrott, the Dream: Fall of the Tae Ew ??-?? ??
Feerrott, the Dream: Ritual of Terror ??-?? ??
House of Thule Upper: Guardian of the House ??-?? ??
House of Thule Upper: Redemption ??-?? ??
House of Thule, Lower Floors ??-?? ??
House of Thule, Upper Floors ??-?? ??
House of Thule: Tick Tock ??-?? ??
House of Thule: Welcome to My Nightmare ??-?? ??
Miragul's Nightmare ??-?? ??
Miragul's Nightmare: Miragul's Vendetta ??-?? ??
Miragul's Phylactery ??-?? ??
Morell's Castle ??-?? ??
Morell's Castle: Gouzah Safari ??-?? ??
Morell's Castle: Hippity Hoppity Kill ??-?? ??
Morell's Castle: The Awakening ??-?? ??
Sanctum Somnium ??-?? ??
Sanctum Somnium: Morell Ascendant ??-?? ??
Sanctum Somnium: Morell's Challenge ??-?? ??
Sanctum Somnium: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Shadowed Grove: Baga's Stand ??-?? ??
Sunrise Hills ??-?? ??
The Grounds ??-?? ??
The Grounds: Mashing Pumpkins ??-?? ??
The Grounds: The Gardener ??-?? ??
The Grounds: The Roots of Evil ??-?? ??
The Library ??-?? ??
The Library: A Moment of Clarity ??-?? ??
The Library: The Librarian's Nightmare ??-?? ??
The Library: The Stuff of Dreams ??-?? ??
The Well ??-?? ??
The Well: No Freedom in Death ??-?? ??
The Well: Terror in the Dark ??-??
The Well: What Lies Below ??-?? ??

Veil of Alaris Zones[]

Argath, Bastion of Illdaera ??-?? ??
Argath: Illdaera's Vengeance ??-?? ??
Argath: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Argath: Reclaiming Argath ??-?? ??
Beasts' Domain ??-?? ??
Beasts' Domain: King of the Beasts ??-?? ??
Beasts' Domain: Pups of War ??-?? ??
Beasts' Domain: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Erillion, City of Bronze ??-?? ??
Erillion: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Erillion: The Order of Three ??-?? ??
Erillion: The Traitor Revealed ??-?? ??
Pillars of Alra ??-?? ??
Pillars of Alra: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Pillars of Alra: The Growing Threat ??-?? ??
Pillars of Alra: The Truth ??-?? ??
Resplendent Temple ??-?? ??
Resplendent Temple: Piq'a Throne Room ??-?? ??
Resplendent Temple: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Resplendent Temple: Secrets of the Stones ??-?? ??
Resplendent Temple: Two Sides of the Stone ??-?? ??
Rubak Oseka, Temple of the Sea ??-?? ??
Rubak Oseka: Assault the Tower ??-?? ??
Rubak Oseka: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Rubak Oseka: Time and Tides ??-?? ??
Sarith, City of Tides ??-?? ??
Sarith: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Sarith: Rebel Assault ??-?? ??
Sarith: The Defeat of Prexus ??-?? ??
Sepulcher East ??-?? ??
Sepulcher of Order ??-?? ??
Sepulcher West ??-?? ??
Sepulcher: Breaching the Barrier ??-?? ??
Sepulcher: Raid Instance #1 ??-?? ??
Sepulcher: Raid Instance #2 ??-?? ??
Sepulcher: Raid Instance #3 ??-?? ??
Sepulcher: The Triune God ??-?? ??
Valley of Lunanyn ??-?? ??
Valley of Lunanyn: Into the Abyss ??-?? ??
Valley of Lunanyn: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Valley of Lunanyn: The Herald of Oratory ??-?? ??
Windsong Sanctuary ??-?? ??
Windsong Sanctuary: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Windsong Sanctuary: The Cacophony of Power ??-?? ??
Windsong Sanctuary: The Sound of Silence ??-?? ??

Rain of Fear Zones[]

Breeding Grounds ??-?? ??
Breeding Grounds: A Feast for Zalikor ??-?? ??
Breeding Grounds: The Rise of the Ancients ??-?? ??
Breeding Grounds: Velishan's Revenge ??-?? ??
Breeding Grounds: Zalikor's Lair ??-?? ??
Chapterhouse of the Fallen ??-?? ??
Chapterhouse: A Matter of Life and Death ??-?? ??
Chapterhouse: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Chapterhouse: Run, You Fools! ??-?? ??
Chapterhouse: Surviving Xmiticzin ??-?? ??
Corrupted Temple of Veeshan ??-?? ??
Cystal Caverns: Fragment of Fear ??-?? ??
Cystal Caverns: Danela's Stand ??-?? ??
Cystal Caverns: Into the Caverns of Fear ??-?? ??
Cystal Caverns: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
East Wastes: Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening ??-?? ??
East Wastes: Confronting Your Fears ??-?? ??
East Wastes: Defeat Zeixshi-Kar ??-?? ??
East Wastes: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Evantil, the Vile Oak ??-?? ??
Evantil: Fear Not ??-?? ??
Evantil: Heart of the Oak ??-?? ??
Evantil: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Grelleth's Palace, Chateau of Filth ??-?? ??
Grelleth's Palace: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Grelleth's Palace: The Machinations of Kotul ??-?? ??
Grelleth's Palace: The Queen's Decree ??-?? ??
House Interior: Setting the Mood ??-?? ??
Kael Drakkel, The King's Madness ??-?? ??
Kael Drakkel: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Kael Drakkel: The Madness of King Tormax ??-?? ??
Kael Drakkel: Traitor's Among Us ??-?? ??
Shard's Landing ??-?? ??
Shard's Landing: Calling Phantasm ??-?? ??
Shard's Landing: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Shard's Landing: Sleepless Nights ??-?? ??
Theater: The Puppet Show ??-?? ??
Valley of King Xorbb ??-?? ??
Valley of King Xorbb: Evil Eye Operative ??-?? ??
Valley of King Xorbb: Find the Gems... Or Die! ??-?? ??
Valley of King Xorbb: Raid Instance ??-?? ??
Valley of King Xorbb: The Battle for Rivervale ??-?? ??
Valley of King Xorbb: The Return of King Xorbb ??-?? ??


Call of the Forsaken Zones[]

Bixie Warfront ??-?? Antonica
Bixie Warfront: Always Follow the Money ??-?? Antonica
Bixie Warfront: Assault the Main Hive ??-?? Antonica
Bixie Warfront: Endless War ??-?? Antonica
Bixie Warfront: Espionage Starts at Home ??-?? Antonica
Bixie Warfront: General Sagrinta's Last Stand ??-?? Antonica
Bixie Warfront: Jacyll's Jailbreak ??-?? Antonica
Bixie Warfront: Saving Jacyll ??-?? Antonica
Bixie Warfront: The Great Hunt ??-?? Antonica
Bixie Warfront: The Thunder Gun Escape ??-?? Antonica
Bixie Warfront: They're Everywhere! ??-?? Antonica
Bixie Warfront: They've Gone Too Far This Time ??-?? Antonica
Bixie Warfront: Working Overtime ??-?? Antonica
Dead Hills ??-?? Odus
Dead Hills: Artifacts of Great Importance ??-?? Odus
Dead Hills: Clearing a Path ??-?? Odus
Dead Hills: Death Peace ??-?? Odus
Dead Hills: Disrupting the Ritual ??-?? Odus
Dead Hills: Excavating an Answer ??-?? Odus
Dead Hills: Into the Hills ??-?? Odus
Dead Hills: Scouting Ahead ??-?? Odus
Dead Hills: The Descending Tower ??-?? Odus
Dead Hills: The Hills Are Alive ??-?? Odus
Dead Hills: The Legacy of Bayle ??-?? Odus
Dead Hills: Xulous Prime ??-?? Odus
Ethernere Tainted West Karana ??-?? Antonica
Ethernere Tainted West Karana: A Helping Hand ??-?? Antonica
Ethernere Tainted West Karana: Life After Death ??-?? Antonica
Ethernere Tainted West Karana: Protected Passage ??-?? Antonica
Ethernere Tainted West Karana: Remember the Dead ??-?? Antonica
Ethernere Tainted West Karana: Seeking Refuge ??-?? Antonica
Ethernere Tainted West Karana: The Defense of Lendiniara ??-?? Antonica
Ethernere Tainted West Karana: The Doomscale Horde ??-?? Antonica
Ethernere Tainted West Karana: The Other Brother ??-?? Antonica
Neriak Fourth Gate ??-?? Antonica
Neriak Fourth Gate: Hate Hath No Fury ??-?? Antonica
Neriak Fourth Gate: Hate Rising ??-?? Antonica
Neriak Fourth Gate: Houses of Thex ??-?? Antonica
Neriak Fourth Gate: Late Checkout ??-?? Antonica
Neriak Fourth Gate: Royal Access ??-?? Antonica
Neriak Fourth Gate: The King's Court ??-?? Antonica
Neriak Fourth Gate: The Sealed Gate ??-?? Antonica
Neriak Fourth Gate: The Toll Road ??-?? Antonica
Northern Felwithe: The Missing Scroll ??-?? Faydwer
The Void "H" ??-?? Planes



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