EverQuest Wiki

Your Character has many statistics that determine a number of characteristics and may be increased by wearing equipment.

HP - Health Points (based on level and Stamina)

MP - Mana Points (based on level and either Wisdom or Intelligence)

EN - Endurance Points (based on level and Stamina)

AC - Armor Class (based on level, worn equipment, and the Defense skill)

ATK - Attack (based on level, the Offense skill, and the level of skill for the current held weapon)

STR - Strength (affects ATK and Weight Capacity)

STA - Stamina (affects HP, EN, and how long the character can hold their breath)

AGI - Agility (affects Dodge rate and Run Speed)

DEX - Dexterity (affects ranged attack bonus, accuracy of melee and ranged attacks, and rate of skill up)

WIS - Wisdom (affects Mana Points for Priest classes, Ranger, and Paladin)

INT - Intelligence (affects Mana Points for Pure Caster classes and Bards)

CHA - Charisma (affects merchant sales rate to buy/sell, rate of resistance for behavior-altering spells)

POISON, MAGIC, DISEASE, FIRE, COLD, CORRUPT - Resistance toward [type], where Corrupt is not used until higher levels.

WEIGHT - Weight Capacity - Carrying more than your calculated strength will cause an Encumbered state. Carrying more weight reduces Run Speed, decreases fall distance to cause damage, and increases damage caused from falling. Monks have a special Armor Class bonus if they carry less than 16 pounds/stones (including armor, weapon, and bags).

HASTE - Speed of attack (at 100%, a speed of 35 is 1 hit every 3.5 seconds)

Combat HP Regen - Shows current HP gained every 6 seconds (decreases when hungry and out of food)

Combat MP Regen - Shows current MP gained every 6 seconds (increases when sitting and decreases when thirsty and out of drink)

Combat End Regen - Shows current EN gained every 6 seconds (decreases when hungry and out of food)

Spell Shield - Reduces incoming damage by amount for Direct Damage spells

Shielding - Reduces incoming damage by amount for each successful ranged and melee attack

Damage Shield - Causes recoil damage to any melee strike against your character (NOTE: This is dependent upon having a Damage Shield spell effect active. If you do not have a Damage Shield on your character, this will not take effect)

DoT Shielding - Reduces incoming damage by amount for Damage over Time spells

Damage Shield Mitig - Reduces incoming damage by amount by others' Damage Shield

Avoidance - Increases dodge rate

Accuracy - Increases chance to hit / Reduces chance to miss

Stun Resist - Increase chance to resist becoming Stunned (NOTE: Ogres are innately immune to stun if done by melee and from the front)

Strike Through - Ignore amount of Armor Class

Heal Amount - Increases amount healed for healing spells

Spell Damage - Increases amount dealt for damaging spells

Clairvoyance - Affects MP regen