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The Vah Shir are a feline race from Luclin. They are very tribal and do not keep written records. To be able to play as a Vah Shir, you will need the Shadows of Luclin expansion for Everquest, which is now available for all players, regardless of purchase.

One of the recently discovered races of the world, the Vah Shir do not come from Norrath, but rather the moon of Luclin. When transportation of Luclin was available, the Vah Shir were soon discovered by those who traveled. The Vah Shir were originally from the continent of Odus , but when the Erudites moved there, a clash occurred and the Vah Shir were teleported by the Erudites to the moon. Through this experience, the Vah Shir learned to become stronger. Vah Shir follow no particular religion, but they do pay homage to their king, Raja Kerrath. Because of the adversity they have faced, the Vah Shir share a tight bond with one another and are extremely loyal to kin. The Vah Shir are selfless and focus on the good of all rather than their individual needs. After being sent to the moon, they found home in Shar Vahl. It is located next to Hollowshade Moor and Shadeweaver's Thicket, this area is very majestic and beautiful.

The starting city of the Vah Shir is Shar Vahl on the moon of Luclin. The Vah Shir have the characteristics of a large bipedal feline. They have a feline head, claws, fur, and tail as well. They also have very good sneaking abilities allowing them to go undetected. The Vah Shir have night vision to allow them to travel both by day and night. They can also fall from certain heights without taking any damage because of their feline characteristics.


Class STR DEX AGI STA INT WIS CHA Bonus Points Deities
Bard 95 80 90 75 65 70 75 25 Agnostic
Beastlord 90 70 95 85 65 80 70 20 Agnostic
Berserker 100 80 90 80 65 70 65 25 Agnostic
Rogue 90 80 100 75 65 70 65 30 Agnostic
Shaman 90 70 90 80 65 80 70 30 Agnostic
Warrior 100 70 95 85 65 70 65 25 Agnostic

Bold numbers indicate suggested stats by the game to put bonus points into.

Starting Cities[]