Hello all,


What happens in Neriak stays in Neriak.

The theme today for Throwback Thursday (or #TBT as the cool kids refer to it on the Twitter-verse) is "what is your favorite city in EverQuest?

Me personally, I remember Neriak fondly. My very first toon around the launch of EQ was a Dark Elf Shadowknight. I can remember my first night, wondering through Neriak and looking up at the bright neon lights.

After a night of hunting shadow wolves in Nektulos Forest (or were they hunting me that first night?), Neriak was a welcome sight to the new adventurer. 

Shadow Haven 1280x1024

A familiar site to the Luclin raider.

Also, I can remember Shadow Haven. Luclin was a period of my life where I raided often with those players I had grown close to in Norrath. Many of raids went well, but those raids that didn't we would end up in Shadow Haven by the Soulbinder. Shadow Haven became an important home to us, as we wrapped up every raid. 

What cities are your favorite in the world of Norrath?