Starting today, and running until Wednesday, April 23, 2014 classic Bristlebane celebration quests are back! 

This event marks the limited return of Bristlebane quests such as “A Fool’s Errand,” “This Ain’t Right,” and “Let’s Have Some Fun!” I noticed that there are no current entries in Wikia for any of these quests or the rewards for these quests. Have you ever considered writing some?

Here are some photo assets to get you started!

HobbyHorse S

Hobby Horse in Plane of Tranquility


Mini Jokester. A housing item that looks like Bobo Gleemaker

Comic Bobo S

Bobo Gleemaker. /say "what fun?"

Comic EmissaryofB S

Emissary of Bristlebane. Why can't every day be Bristlebane Day?

Why can’t every day in Norrath be a Bristlebane Day?

For more information about this event, see the article here