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Ok, the everquest user interface is pretty wide compared to other games you face since you have multiple hotbars, spell bars, hability windows, chats, stats and others.


Well I like to think all the utility bars in EQ are separated in categories wich are:

  • Spell Bar
    • Your spell bar is only showed if you are a caster and have the ability to use spells...The spell bar starts off with 9 gems and gains 3 more by doing the General AA mnemonic retention.
  • Hotkey Bars
    • Your Hotkey bar can be used to shorten every single function of the game into a single key wich can be pressed from your keyboard.
    • Each bar has 12 buttons where you can put the most variety of hotkeys wich can be macros (i.e: /hidecorpse all), Spells (by holding left click on a spell and dragging), AAs (i.e /alt activate ##) and others.
  • Stats Bars/windows
    • This reveal all of your and your groupmates' stats, hitpoints, mana, endurance. They let you pay atention to the survivality of your crew.
  • Inventory Window
    • This window shows you all your stats, gear and backpacks and gives you access to your alternate advancement window (v)


The graphic aspect of your UI can be changed with "UI SKINS" that can be uploaded to your UI folder under EVERQUEST folder.

One website to download this skins from is EQInterface.


1920x1080 Windowed Example

Hosted over at EQInterface.com, SparxxUI is always updated for every patch/expansion (more-often than not, days before they are released to the live servers).

Sparxx Bazaar Search

The author, Obit the Persistent is a Featured Artist, and SparxxUI is ranked number one for top rated interfaces.

Sparxx Inventory Window