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The only things Trolls care about are eating and fighting. Their erratic behavior and formidable strength make them fearsome and deadly opponents. Despite their limitations, trolls are not to be underestimated. A particularly crude clan filled with hate, Trolls have daunting strength and stamina, which make them good fighters of any type.

Trolls are physically ugly and carry a rancid odor. They seem to be very close in relation to the Ogres, with only a small height deifference of two feet separating them. Trolls are often considered a hideous and deplorable race that carries a sickening smell. The view sults the Troll as they are generally unpleasant to everyone. Trolls are very untrustworthy, and tend to not even trust each other because of their greediness.

Trolls are an evil race. Out of fear, they have allied themselves with the dark elves, and many of them worship the god of the dark elves, because they are entranced with their elegance. With the ogres, they are allied because of the saying; My enemy's enemy is my friend.

Gameplay Advantages and Disadvantages[]

Trolls, like Iksar, receive an innate bonus to their HP regeneration. Unlike Iksar, they do not receive an AC bonus; however, the troll's HP regeneration bonus is larger. This regeneration bonus is always active but is approximately doubled in effectiveness while sitting.

For better and for worse, trolls are also one of the largest races in the game. This gives them significant difficulties when trying to maneuver through narrow corridors and low doorways, and in some cases may render certain passageways unusable altogether. Carrying a shrink item is highly recommended for this reason. Note that shamans and beastlords eventually get spells that can accomplish the same function.


Class STR DEX AGI STA INT WIS CHA Bonus Points Deities
Beastlord 109 75 88 119 52 70 45 20 Cazic-Thule, Innoruuk
Berserker 118 85 83 114 52 60 40 25 Agnostic, Cazic-Thule, Innoruuk, Rallos Zek
Shadow Knight 118 75 83 114 62 60 45 20 Cazic-Thule, Innoruuk
Shaman 108 75 83 114 52 70 45 30 Cazic-Thule, Innoruuk
Warrior 118 75 88 119 52 60 40 25 Agnostic, Cazic-Thule, Innoruuk, Rallos Zek

Bold numbers indicate suggested stats by the game to put bonus points into.


  • The warder of a troll beastlord looks like a basilisk. (Originally, it looked like a crocodile, but a patch changed this.)
  • Trolls do not show a robe graphic when wearing an ALL ALL robe

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