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Given by Guard Vyrinn

Finished by Vahlara

Part of: The Revolt of Gloomingdeep.

Steps Edit

  1. Loot 4 Gloomingdeep Cocoon Silk
  2. Deliver 4 Gloomingdeep Cocoon Silk to Vahlara.

Additional TextEdit

"Vahlara needs as much Gloomingdeep silk as she can get her hands on. She's in special need of Gloomingdeep cocoon silk which has a thicker weave yet remains supple enough to make bandages."

"Sneak into the kobolds' spider hatchery to the south and harvest some Gloomingdeep cocoon silk from the spiderling cocoons."

(Hint: Even though the cocoon clusters are objects and not NPCs, you can still attack, destroy and loot them normally)

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