Skater Gnome was a series of humorous stories placed on the Castersrealm website during Everquest's prominent years. They are written in very stereotypical gamer talk from the time and about a newbie who just started EQ and has no idea what is going on. A few of the stories evolve around the Skater Gnome character's player in real life.

The Castersrealm has since been put to rest, unfortunately. The stories will be added here to keep them from vanishing into the void for all eternity.

Skater Gnome Story ListEdit

  1. Why So Mean
  2. Brave Brave Me
  3. How It All Works Out in the End
  4. My Big Adventure
  5. The Stalker Among Us
  6. Easy Cash and Silly Girls
  7. Funny How the World Works Sometimes
  8. I Love My Brother
  9. Live and Let Die
  10. You Win Some You Lose Some
  11. My New Friends
  12. The Secrets of Everquest
  13. Whatever
  14. New Horizons
  15. Summer Camp Adventure, pt 1
  16. Summer Camp Adventure, pt 2
  17. A Turn for the Worse
  18. No Place Like Home
  19. That Time Again
  20. What A Magic Kingdom!!!1