Quest Information Edit

Started by: Revolt Scout Zajeer Finished by: Revolt Scout Zajeer Part of: The Revolt of Gloomingdeep.

Steps Edit

  1. Go east down dis tunnel until you get to Dig Site Two.
  2. Head south until ya spys da main pit Dig Site One.
  3. Follow da eastern wall along da rim o' the pit, den enter da next tunnel ya cross
  4. Contine goin' east, den take da first left into da north facing tunnel.
  5. Report back to Revolt Scout Zajeer with news of your reconaissance

Additional Text Edit

"Da revolt is pinned down defending dis position. We needs ya ta explore the rest o' da mines and sees where the the kobolds 'ave dug in so we can plan our counter attack. Here are some directions ter find da kobold fortress'

Rewards Edit

  • 3p
  • Experience