Rodcet Nife: The Prime HealerEdit

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Rodcet Nife

Rodcet Nife's faithful all accept an oath to battle disease and death until succumbing to either. They are very kind to others and live a life of simplicity. One should not mistake them for being pacifists though, for they do not only seek to cure disease and illness, but explore the world searching intensely for the root of these plagues. His followers believe that the evils of the universe shall one day be expunged and the looming darkness of death never be seen again.

Human Clerics and Paladins from western Antonica are the largest contingent of Rodcet's faithful. His main temple is in Qeynos, and the strident recruitment pitches echo throughout the city. While healers are the most valued, he will take any non-evil Human or Half Elf into his service -- the better to combat the malignant machinations of Bertoxxulous. And finally, Bards who specialize in healing hymns sometimes devote their lives to spreading his message.

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