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Planes of Power Tier 1[]

Crypt of Decay[]

Lair of Terris Thule[]

Plane of Disease[]


Plane of Tactics[]

Manaetic Behemoth

Plane of Valor[]

Planes of Power Tier 2[]

Bastion of Thunder[]

Plane of Tactics[]

Plane of Torment[]

Temple of Marr[]

Lord Mithaniel Marr

Tower of Solusek Ro[]

Planes of Power Tier 3[]

Plane of Air[]

Plane of Earth[]

Plane of Fire[]

Plane of Water[]

Planes of Power Tier 4[]

Phase 1[]

Phase 2[]

Phase 3[]

Phase 4[]

Phase 5[]

Phase 6[]

Shadows of Luclin[]

Akheva Ruins[]

Shei Vinitras

The Insanity Crawler

The Itraer Vius

The Va'Dyn

Acrylia Caverns[]

Evolved Burrower

Grieg's End[]

Grieg Veneficus

Servitor of Luclin

Umbral Plains[]


Netherbian Swarmlord


Spirit of Radir

Spirit of Tawro