Planes of Power Tier 1 Edit

Crypt of Decay Edit

Lair of Terris Thule Edit

Plane of DiseaseEdit


Plane of TacticsEdit

Manaetic Behemoth

Plane of Valor Edit

Planes of Power Tier 2 Edit

Bastion of Thunder Edit

Plane of Tactics Edit

Plane of Torment Edit

Temple of Marr Edit

Tower of Solusek Ro Edit

Planes of Power Tier 3 Edit

Plane of Air Edit

Plane of Earth Edit

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Plane of Water Edit

Planes of Power Tier 4 Edit

Phase 1 Edit

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Phase 6 Edit

Shadows of Luclin Edit

Akheva Ruins Edit

Shei Vinitras

The Insanity Crawler

The Itraer Vius

The Va'Dyn

Acrylia Caverns Edit

Evolved Burrower

Grieg's End Edit

Grieg Veneficus

Servitor of Luclin

Umbral Plains Edit


Netherbian Swarmlord


Spirit of Radir

Spirit of Tawro


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