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An Ogre is a big fat tall monster which makes a lot of funny sounds. What they lack in beauty and brains, they make up for with their size and strength. Some few ogres do sometimes see the light, a bit, and have some sense born in them. Ogres are deadly killers who use their brute force to kill and eat everything they can get their oversized hands on.

Ogres are the biggest race in Norrath , as well as the stupidest. Ogres can reach a height of ten feet tall, and are almost always warriors or an offspring of one. They spend much of their time battling against others: comparable to the amount of time an Erudite spends researching in a library. The Ogre spends most of his time hunting for food, as they have extremely large appetites. They are, justifiably, quite single-minded. Their thick skulls also give them a high level of resistance to being stunned in battle. The Ogre is one of the evil races in Norrath, and are only allies with the Trolls and Dark Elves. In the jungle of the Feerrott , the Ogres live in Oggok.

Their Ogre home is Oggok on Antonica, they are of course large, over ten feet in height at least. They have infravision to see at night and in dark places. They also have the ability to slam opponents on their backs.


Class STR DEX AGI STA INT WIS CHA Bonus Points Deities
Beastlord 130 70 75 132 60 77 42 20 Rallos Zek
Berserker 140 80 70 127 60 67 37 25 Agnostic, Cazic-Thule, Rallos Zek
Shadow Knight 140 70 70 127 70 67 42 20 Cazic-Thule, Rallos Zek
Shaman 130 70 70 127 60 77 42 30 Cazic-Thule, Rallos Zek
Warrior 140 70 75 132 60 67 37 25 Agnostic, Cazic-Thule, Rallos Zek

Bold numbers indicate suggested stats by the game to put bonus points into.

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