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The known world of Norrath consists of five continents. In the center is the largest of the three, Antonica. It

Norrath Map

features nearly every type of environment from icy mountains to scorching deserts, and from humid jungles to rolling plains. Antonica is home to Norrath's population of Humans (Qeynos, Freeport, Surfall Glade), Halflings (Rivervale), Dark Elves (Neriak), Trolls (Grobb), and Ogres (Oggok).

Across the Ocean of Tears to the east is the continent of Faydwer. It is a land full of mystical creatures such as faeries and unicorns. Faydwer is also home to Norrath's population of Dwarves (Kaladim), Wood Elves (Kelethin), High Elves (Felwithe), and Gnomes (Ak'Anon).

From Antonica, across the water of Erud's Crossing, to the west lies the small continent of Odus. It is a dark forested continent with rock beaches. Odus is home to Norrath's population of Erudites (Erudin, Paineel).

To the south of Faydwer, past the waters of Timorous Deep, lies the ancient continent of Kunark. This land is only home to one race; that of the Iksar (Cabilis). Kunark is a land filled with deep jungles, savannah plains, deadly swamps, and parched wastelands. The creatures throughout this land are as deadly as the land itself.

Finally, to the west of Kunark, lies the frozen continent of Velious. This harsh wasteland is home to numerous deadly creatures, including a great many dragons and wurms. This continent holds a great many ancient secrets that test adventurers to their limits.

Within the world of Norrath, there are also several astral planes that have been discovered, including Fear, Hate, and Sky. Entrances to the Plane of Knowledge, in the shape of a book and pedestal, have appeared all throughout Norrath. Adventurers are capable of travelling all throughout the world as well as entering the different planes of the gods through this plane.