Nature Walker's Behest is a level 55 druid spell from the Velious expansion. It is noteworthy for being the only permanent pet spell available to druids, creating a small black bear pet who single-wields and is high enough in level to proc a Fist of Ixiblat. However, the pet has very low hit points for the level at which the spell is acquired, which usually makes it more of a novelty (or a one-hit distraction in case the druid gets trained) than a productive ally in the party. The pet can, however, receive any buffs that its master is high enough in level to receive, which can sometimes make it more useful than it would be otherwise.

Stacking NotesEdit

Since both types of pets use the pet window, a druid cannot have this pet at the same time as a charmed pet, and pets summoned via the item created by Carve Whistle are subject to the same restriction. The Nature's Guardian AA is a swarm pet, however, and works just fine alongside this one.

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  • The quick memorization menu lists this spell under the subcategory of "Sum: Warder," or "Summon Warder," which is the same one used for the much more powerful beastlord warder pets.
  • This pet is often referred to as "Boo-Boo," after the tiny friend of Yogi Bear
  • The swarm pet summoned by the Nature's Guardian AA is also a bear, but much larger than this one, which occasionally leads to the two together being referred to as "Yogi and Boo-Boo."
  • Combine the two preceding points with a joke revolving around a ranger and an item link of a Picnic Basket for guaranteed laughs.