Make Poison (also referred to as poisonmaking) is a tradeskill that only rogues can perform.  They gain access to this tradeskill at level 20.

As its name implies, Make Poison allows the rogue to craft poisons, which can be used to add procs to melee autoattacks.

Although most poisons can only be used by rogues, a few poisons are usable by any class.

Make Poison serves as one of the utility functions of the rogue class, allowing rogues to provide some ADPS by gifting or selling poisons to other players.  (This type of utility is similar in nature to what shamans provide via the alchemy tradeskill, and to the summoned items provided by magicians, and can be thought of as a form of preparatory gameplay.)

Gaining Skill ProficiencyEdit

Currently, increasing one's proficiency in Make Poison requires less of a time and platinum investment than for most other tradeskills.  Most Make Poison component items can be endlessly purchased from vendors in Plane of Knowledge, including the herbs used in the process.  Herbs for poisonmaking also drop globally off a variety of mobs, which can make it helpful for rogues to carry an extraplanar trade satchel around for the purpose of holding poison components.

The most expensive component of a typical poisonmaking recipe is the vial used to store the poison.  Other components have costs that range from trivial gold-and-silver pricing to a small number of platinum, but vials cost 20+ platinum apiece even from the middle levels onward.


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