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There are currently 27 languages in Everquest.  Everyone starts out with Common Tongue at a skill of 100.  There are many race and class specific languages, of which player characters of a specific race/class start with a 100 skill. Other languages are learned by different means, such as Training Points in a specific language at your Guild Master or grouping with someone who speaks the desired langage and "listening" to them speak while speaking the language back to them (the later is NOT required but it does help the training go faster).  The exception to this is the Alaran and Hadal languages which were added with the Veil of Alaris expansion.  These two languages can only be learned through specific tasks and missions.  Hadal is only improved by being a task leader of specific missions in Rubak.

The chart below shows the Language #, name and which race/class can speak it.

(Usage /language # for example typing /language 1 would set that specific chat windows language to Common Tongue)

Language # Language Name         Race/Class Fluency   
1                  Common Tongue   All Players
2 Barbarian Barbarian
3 Erudian Erudites
4 Elvish Half Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves
5 Dark Elvish Dark Elves
6 Dwarvish Dwarves
7 Troll Trolls
8 Ogre Ogres
9 Gnomish Gnomes
10 Halfling Halflings
11 Thieves' Cant Rogues
12 Old Erudian Learned Language
13 Elder Elvish Learned Language (High Elves start with some skill)
14 Froglok Frogloks
15 Goblin Learned Language
16 Gnoll Learned Language
17 Combine Tongue Vah Shir
18 Elder Teir'Dal Learned Language
19 Lizardman Iksar
20 Orcish Learned Language
21 Faerie Learned Language
22 Dragon Drakkin
23 Elder Dragon Drakkin
24 Dark Speech Spoken by all EVIL races.
25 Vah Shir Vah Shir
26 Alaran Learned Language
27 Hadal Learned Language


RoF - Words of the Unspoken to quickly get Alaran to 100.

VoA - Oseka's Knowledge to learn Hadal