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This is the first quest you receive in the Gloomingdeep Tutorial. This occurs in an instanced dungeon for just the player, and also includes a tutorial popup window that shows how to perform basic actions such as moving. When complete the player is zoned to the main part of The Mines of Gloomingdeep.

Part of: Gloomingdeep Mines Timeline

Steps Edit

  1. Speak with Arias
  2. Find the Gloomingdeep Jailor
  3. Kill the Gloomingdeep Jailor
  4. Retrieve the Jailor's Key
  5. Give the Jailor's Key to Arias

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Arias has already worked open the lock to your cell but he broke his chisel in the process. To breech the final door to the outer mines, you need the key from The Gloomingdeep Jailor.

Kill The Gloomingdeep Jailor, Take his key and give it to Arias. Soon you'll be tasting free air!

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