Innoruuk: The Prince of HateEdit



Almost the entire Dark Elven race sees The Prince of Hate as their true father. They trust in him that hate is the driving force in the universe. Their devotion to hate has led them to believe love is simply a means for the weak-minded fools of the world who are too scared to take what they want. Spite is the only true way to overpower your enemies. Innoruuk's children believe in their dark hearts that if they could combine their hate collectively, they could destroy Norrath.

Understandably, the most devout followers of Innoruuk are found in Neriak, where the Dark Elves have erected a large church, among other shrines, in his honor. He has many Clerics, Necromancers, and even Shadowknights there. Some Trolls also emulate their Dark Elf allies, and their Shamen, Beastlords and Shadowknights also spread the curse of hate. Unfortunately, the corruption has spread to nearby Freeport, where his Human and Half Elf followers worship him in secret. He has even managed to corrupt Mithaniel Marr's loyal Frogloks, promising necromantic powers to use in the reconquest of Gukta -- at the cost of their souls.

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