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Iksar: classic model

The Iksar are the lizardmen of Kunark, created by the faceless one, Cazic-Thule, and they ruled Kunark for thousands of years. Now they are just the remenants of an old but evil past. No one can get along easily with the Iksar as their affinity to their creator is unmatched. There are some though who choose to be more neutral in the world.

The Iksar are one of the most primitive races of the world, and the only to actually live on the continent of Kunark. The Iksar are a lizard race, with hard and sometimes colorful scales all over their body. Their reptilian physiology grants them a natural affinity for water, as well as enhanced regeneration. The whole race of Iksar prefers to be isolated from the rest of the world, and leans towards tribal ways. They are allies with nobody, and think very highly of themselves. The Iksar depend only on their god and creator, Cazic-Thule. Iksar are unwelcome in all known cities of Norrath. Next to the Lake of Ill Omen , the Swamp of No Hope , and other places on Kunark, the giant city of Cabilis is home to the Iksar. Iksars also have a small racial bonus to AC.

The starting city of the iksar is in the Kunark city of Cabilis. Their body sizes range from small to medium and they can regenerate their injuries, skillfuly swim in the sea, forage, and see in the dark with their night vision. They are hated by all other races in Norrath because of their loyalty to Cazic-Thule . The Iksar may become a Monk, Shadowknight, Necromancer, Shaman , or Warrior.


Class STR DEX AGI STA INT WIS CHA Bonus Points Deities
Beastlord 70 85 95 80 75 90 60 20 Cazic-Thule
Monk 75 95 100 75 75 80 55 20 Cazic-Thule
Necromancer 70 95 90 70 85 80 55 30 Cazic-Thule
Shadow Knight 80 85 90 75 85 80 60 20 Cazic-Thule
Shaman 70 85 90 75 75 90 60 30 Cazic-Thule
Warrior 80 85 95 80 75 80 55 25 Cazic-Thule

Starting City[]