A Gnome is a master of machinery and building. They can build just about any machine for the right occasion and they pride themselves in this. They are small and bearded like Dwarves but have white hair and brown skin. Gnomes are a care-free race and they usually focus on their machines rather than others. They do have racial tensions with the Dark Elves and the Trolls.

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Gnome: classic model

Gnomes are the innovative race of Norrath. Very small and lanky, the Gnomes spend their days hiding in the cavernous city of Ak'Anon making jewelry, exploring new caves, and inventing new things. They are by no means a strong and sturdy race, but their edge is their dexterity and intelligence. They were the second race, afer Dwarves, created by Brell Serilis. The Gnomes are very curious, and tend to experiment with things that can be potentially dangerous. The Gnomes are friends with the other good races of Norrath: Humans, Barbarians, Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings. Many people do not take the Gnomes seriously because they are so short, even though they have created so many great things.

Starting as a gnome will put you in the city of Ak'Anon on Faydwer. The special powers of Gnomes are tinkering and infravision for seeing in dark caves. Gnomes may specialize in the classes of Cleric, Enchanter, Magician, Necromancer, Rogue, Warrior, and Wizard. They worship such deities as Brell Serilis, Bristlebane, Solusek Ro, Rallos Zek,and Bertoxxulous.

Classes Edit

Class STR DEX AGI STA INT WIS CHA Bonus Points Deities
Cleric 65 85 85 75 98 77 60 30 Bertoxxulous, Brell Serilis, Bristlebane
Enchanter 60 85 85 70 108 67 70 30 Agnostic, Bertoxxulous, Brell Serilis
Magician 60 85 85 80 108 67 60 30 Agnostic, Bertoxxulous, Brell Serilis
Necromancer 60 95 85 70 108 67 60 30 Bertoxxulous
Paladin 70 85 85 75 98 72 70 20 Brell Serilis
Rogue 60 95 95 70 98 67 60 30 Agnostic, Bertoxxulous, Brell Serilis, Bristlebane
Shadow Knight 70 85 85 75 108 67 65 20 Bertoxxulous
Warrior 75 85 90 80 98 67 60 25 Agnostic, Bertoxxulous, Brell Serilis, Rallos Zek
Wizard 60 85 85 80 108 67 60 30 Agnostic, Bertoxxulous, Brell Serilis, Solusek Ro

Bold numbers indicate suggested stats by the game to put bonus points into.

Starting CityEdit