The Fungus Covered Scale Tunic, also known as the fungi tunic, is a piece of chest armor which, among other minor stat bonuses, adds 15 points of worn HP regeneration, can be freely traded, and has no level requirement. It is one of the most well-known pieces of twink equipment in EverQuest's history, allowing the equipped character to regain health much more rapidly.

The fungi tunic drops rarely from myconid spore king in Old Sebilis and was a common source of platinum for farmers for many years, often bringing in upwards of 30kpp when sold to another player. Its popularity has decreased noticeably with the advents of out of combat regen and mercenaries, since both greatly reduce the downtime that was previously experienced by low-level melee characters trying to solo mobs to level up. Nevertheless, the tunic has stood the test of time as an extremely handy piece of equipment to have, and remains an often-sold item in The Bazaar.

The tunic can be used by all classes except berserkers, beastlords, and the four intelligence casters.

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