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EverQuest: The Shadows of Luclin is the third expansion released for EverQuest. The expansion focuses on high-level content, providing a number of zones meant to be used by large groups of players and many extremely powerful monsters to fight.


  • New Playable Race: Vah Shir
  • New Playable Class: Beastlord
  • Mounts
  • New 3D Graphics Engine
  • Upgraded Character Models
  • 28 New Zones
  • New Bazaar
  • Alternate Advancement System


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Zone Level Range Continent Type
Acrylia Caverns 40-60 Luclin Indoor Dungeon/Raid
Akheva Ruins 45-65 Luclin Indoor Dungeon/Raid
Dawnshroud Peaks 25-45 Luclin Outdoors
Echo Caverns 20-45 Luclin Indoors
Fungus Grove 40-55 Luclin Indoors
Grieg's End 45-60 Luclin Outdoor Dungeon/Raid
Grimling Forest 25-50 Luclin Outdoors
Hollowshade Moor 10-45 Luclin Outdoors
Katta Castellum 30-60 Luclin City
Maiden's Eye 45-60 Luclin Outdoors
Marus Seru 15-45 Luclin Outdoors
Mons Letalis 35-50 Luclin Outdoors
Netherbian Lair 15-35 Luclin Indoors
Paludal Caverns 5-25 Luclin Indoors
Sanctus Seru 40-60 Luclin Outdoor Dungeon/Raid
Scarlet Desert 30-50 Luclin Outdoors
Shadeweaver's Thicket 1-25 Luclin Outdoors
Shadow Haven 1-75 Luclin City
Shar Vahl 1-75 Luclin City
Ssraeshza Temple 50-60 Luclin Indoor Dungeon/Raid
Tenebrous Mountains 35-50 Luclin Outdoors
The Bazaar* 1-75 Luclin Indoors
The Deep 50-60 Luclin Indoors
The Grey 40-55 Luclin Outdoors
The Nexus 1-75 Luclin Indoors
Twilight Sea 25-50 Luclin Outdoors
Umbral Plains 50-65 Luclin Outdoor Dungeon/Raid
Vex Thal 55-70 Luclin Indoor Raid

*denotes zones added after Luclin, but before Planes of Power