Ruins of Kunark

EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark was the first expansion for EverQuest, introducing the continent of Kunark and the Iksar as a playable race.

New ContentEdit

  • Kunark, a new continent and home of the Iksar.
  • The Iksar, a new playable race of lizard people introduced with the expansion, who have a number of racial advantages, including the ability to stay underwater for longer periods of time, additional regenerative powers, and an armor bonus, balanced by the fact that they are hated by all of the other races in the game and that there are very few places they can go without being attacked. They also can not wear plate armor.
  • Increased the maximum level a character could attain from 50 to 60, and introduced a substantial number of new and powerful monsters for characters above level 50 to fight.
  • Epic quests, or quests for powerful weapons for each class.


Zone Level Range Continent Type
Burning Woods 35-50 Kunark Outdoors
Cabilis 1-75 Kunark City
Chardok 40-60 Kunark Indoor Dungeon
City of Mist 35-53 Kunark Outdoors
Dalnir 25-35 Kunark Indoor Dungeon
Dreadlands 35-50 Kunark Outdoors
Emerald Jungle 30-45 Kunark Outdoors
Field of Bone 1-25 Kunark Outdoors
Firiona Vie 20-35 Kunark Outdoors
Frontier Mountains 22-45 Kunark Outdoors
Howling Stones 40-60 Kunark Indoor Dungeon
Kaesora 30-50 Kunark Indoor Dungeon
Karnor's Castle 40-55 Kunark Outdoor Dungeon
Kurn's Tower 8-30 Kunark Indoors
Lake of Ill Omen 1-30 Kunark Outdoors
Mines of Nurga 40-55 Kunark Indoor Dungeon
Old Sebilis 43-60 Kunark Indoor Dungeon
Skyfire Mountains 45-60 Kunark Outdoors
Swamp of No Hope 1-25 Kunark Outdoors
Temple of Droga 48-63 Kunark Indoor Dungeon
The Hole* 40-65 Odus Indoor Dungeon
Timorous Deep 15-50 Kunark Outdoors
Trakanon's Teeth 30-50 Kunark Outdoors
Veeshan's Peak 60-75 Kunark Indoor Dungeon
Warsliks Wood 1-30 Kunark Outdoors

*denotes zone added after launch of Kunark, but before Velious

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