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Zone Level Range Continent Type
Ak'Anon 1-75 Faydwer Indoor City
Befallen 5-20 Antonica Indoor Dungeon
Blackburrow 5-15 Antonica Outdoor Dungeon
Castle Mistmoore 18-40 Faydwer Outdoor Dungeon
Clan Runnyeye 12-35 Antonica Indoor Dungeon
Commonlands** 1-40 Antonica Outdoors
Crushbone 5-20 Faydwer Outdoor Dungeon
Dagnor's Cauldron 12-20 Faydwer Outdoors
East Karana 10-35 Antonica Outdoors
Erud's Crossing 5-15 Odus Outdoors
Erudin 1-85 Odus City
Erudin Palace 1-85 Odus City
Estate of Unrest 10-35 Faydwer Outdoor Dungeon
Everfrost Peaks 1-45 Antonica Outdoors
Felwithe 1-95 Faydwer City
Freeport** 1-95 Antonica City
Freeport Sewers 5-25 Antonica Indoors
Gorge of King Xorbb 10-25 Antonica Outdoors
Greater Faydark 1-10 Faydwer Outdoors/City
Grobb 1-75 Antonica City
Halas 1-75 Antonica City
High Keep 20-30 Antonica Outdoor Dungeon
Highpass Hold 12-20 Antonica Outdoors
Infected Paw** 65-70 Antonica Indoor Dungeon
Innothule Swamp 1-12 Antonica Outdoors
Kaladim 1-75 Faydwer Indoor City
Kedge Keep 35-50 Faydwer Indoor Dungeon
Kithicor Forest 10-40 Antonica Outdoors
Lake Rathetear 15-25 Antonica Outdoors
Lavastorm Mountains 10-35 Antonica Outdoors
Lesser Faydark 10-35 Faydwer Outdoors
Lower Guk 30-50 Antonica Indoor Dungeon
Misty Thicket 1-12 Antonica Outdoors
Nagafen's Lair 40-55 Antonica Indoor Dungeon
Najena 20-35 Antonica Indoor Dungeon
Nektulos Forest 1-20 Antonica Outdoors
Neriak 1-105 Antonica Indoor City
North Karana 8-40 Antonica Outdoors
North Ro** 1-20 Antonica Outdoors
Ocean of Tears 10-40 Faydwer Outdoors
Oggok 1-75 Antonica City
Paineel* 1-105 Odus City
Permafrost Keep 15-50 Antonica Indoor Dungeon
Plane of Fear 46-65 Outer Planes Plane/Raid
Plane of Hate 46-65 Outer Planes Plane/Raid
Plane of Sky* 46-65 Outer Planes Plane/Raid
Qeynos 1-75 Antonica City
Qeynos Catacombs 1-35 Antonica Indoors
Qeynos Hills 1-10 Antonica Outdoors
Rathe Mountains 1-35 Antonica Outdoors
Rivervale 1-75 Antonica City
Solusek's Eye 25-45 Antonica Indoors
South Karana 15-35 Antonica Outdoors
South Ro** 8-25 Antonica Outdoors
Steamfont Mountains 1-15 Faydwer Outdoors
Surefall Glade 1-75 Antonica City
Temple of Cazic-Thule** 75-85 Antonica Indoor Dungeon
Temple of Solusek Ro* 12-30 Antonica Indoors
The Feerrott 1-35 Antonica Outdoors
Toxxulia Forest 1-10 Odus Outdoors
Upper Guk 5-30 Antonica Indoor Dungeon
West Karana 5-35 Antonica Outdoors

*denotes zone was added after launch but before Ruins of Kunark

**denotes that the zone received major revamps, such as merges or zone changes including name.

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