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Erudite: classic models

Originally hailing from Human lands and ancestry a great many Humans (now known as Erudites after Erud their leader) fled to Odus, after having become disillusioned by the war-like natures of their Human and Barbarian cousins. On Odus they have since built a huge, beautiful and majestic city, gleaming with polished marble and magical symbols and runes. It is famed throughout Norrath for its massive library and collection of texts, with one of the most comprehensive collections on the whole of Norrath.

While Erudites put a great emphasis on developing their intellect and researching the Arcane, they seek knowledge and enlightenment rather than power and status. The Erudites refuse to be influenced by the temptations of their research and a great many who chose to study forbidden texts on necromancy and black magics were banished and established a separate sect in the city now known as Paineel.

Though those who were banished study dark and what may be considered evil magics, Erudites are not an evil race. They have no respect for the Ogres and Trolls and dislike the methods and beliefs of the Dark Elves. Many spend a great deal of time and effort on reflection and meditation and despite a superior attitude and serious demeanour, are often intelligent and wise. Erudites understand the boundaries of keeping a civilised society and while they prefer not to socialise with those outside their own race, are quite capable of interacting on good terms with others. Erudites often befriend those who become their companions on quests and expeditions but tend to have a harder time in understanding the Barbarians and Dwarves.

Erudites as a whole are perhaps the most magical of all the known races, every example of their race has at least a little control over the magical forces and it is rare for them not to have a sound knowledge of the Arcane. Erudites are not found in any of the more physical professions and though Erudite Paladins and Shadowknights are not unheard of it is far more common to see an Erudite Enchanter, Mage, or Wizard.

Erudites, in a similar fashion to the High Elves, believe themselves to be intellectually superior to the other races and are often disliked, at least at first because of this attitude. While naturally very intelligent, they are only by experience a wise people and are often unforgiving and even inconsiderate of those they may consider a 'lesser' being. Their pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment is perhaps the only real religion that all Erudites follow with total dedication but they are known to worship many of the 'good' and 'neutral' dieties.


Class STR DEX AGI STA INT WIS CHA Bonus Points Deities
Paladin 70 70 70 75 107 88 80 20 Prexus, Quellious
Cleric 65 70 70 75 107 93 70 30 Cazic-Thule, Prexus, Quellious
Magician 60 70 70 80 117 83 70 30 Agnostic, Prexus, Quellious
Enchanter 60 70 70 70 117 83 80 30 Agnostic, Prexus, Quellious
Wizard 60 70 70 80 117 83 70 30 Agnostic, Prexus, Quellious, Solusek Ro
Necromancer 60 80 70 70 117 83 70 30 Cazic-Thule
Shadow Knight 70 70 70 75 117 83 75 20 Cazic-Thule

Starting City[]