Erollisi Marr: The Queen of LoveEdit

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Erollisi Marr

Erollisi Marr teaches her followers that love conquers all. She, along with her twin brother Mithaniel, created the Barbarians during The Age of Monuments. It is believed that the evolution of Barbarians to Humans was sparked by the divine touch of Erollisi. While love is a beautiful thing, Erollisi's devotees are not so obtuse to believe a Norrath without war is possible. They are willing to enter battle themselves if it means defending the principles, people, and places they love. Followers of Erollisi believe the most honorable death would be earned defending someone or something they love deeply. A great number of Paladins entrust their hearts to the ideals of Erollisi Marr. An order of Clerics and Paladins devoted to Erollisi and Mithaniel once held political power in Freeport, but were driven out by the corrupt militia captain, Sir Lucan D'Lere.

Erollisi still has many followers, both Human and Half Elf, in Freeport at the temple she shares with her brother. She even takes the Rogues that her brother eschews. Finally, Bardic troubadours devotedly sing her songs of love, even in Qeynos and Wood Elf Kelethin.

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