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The Deities of Norrath, and their numerous demi-gods, have an abundant amount of lore about them. They are the otherworldly rulers of Norrath, and many tend to use their followers as pawns to spread their different messages to all. The alignments of these gods are all over the scale, ranging from pure heavenly good to pestilence filled evil. Their followers tend to carry the same mindsets as them at the risk of receiving any godly wrath from above or below.

Choosing a Deity[]

Along with an adventurer's race and class, religions is also the basis for much of their faction standing, and, for some races, from which they begin. Norrathians cannot convert to another religion at any point in life, and must deal with both benefits and repercussions of their beliefs. Some choose to be Agnostic, but here are the gods that are most worshipped by Norrath's people.