Quest Information Edit

Given by Guard Rahtiz

Finished by Vahlara

Part of: The Revolt of Gloomingdeep.

Steps Edit

  1. Kill 8 Cave Rats
  2. Kill 4 Cave Bats
  3. Destroy 4 Vermin Nests
  4. Speak with Vahlara in the slave revolt camp.

(opt) Speak with Wijdan to sell your loot

Additional Text Edit

'The vermin infesting these tunnels threaten our scarce provisions. If you want to help our revolt, start by clearing the tunnel beyond of rats and bats. Speak with Vahlara when you've finished your hunt and she will reward you with a pair of stitched leggings. They're not much, but they're all we can spare right now.'

  • (Hint: You may also speak with Wijdan in the slave revolt camp after you finish this mission. He's interested in buying any rat fur you've acquired.)

Rewards Edit

Gloomingdeep Leggings