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There are sixteen classes in Everquest. They are:

Bard Beastlord Berserker Cleric Druid Enchanter Magician Monk
Necromancer Paladin Ranger Rogue Shadowknight Shaman Warrior Wizard

The classes can be grouped into those that share similar characteristics that allow them to play certain types of roles within the game when grouped with others. One way of grouping classes is described below.

Tank Classes

Members of this group are those that have a high number of 'health points' for their level, and who may wear heavy armor. They have the ability to taunt enemies into focusing on them, rather than other party members who may be more susceptible to damage and death.

    Warrior, Paladin, Shadow Knight

Damage Dealers

The following classes are able to deal high corporeal damage to opponents. Within the game, these classes are often referred to as 'DPS', which stands for "Damage Per Second". It must be noted that there isn't a single overall "best dps" class, as depending on many factors which vary from one encounter to another (such as the enemy's armor, its positioning, and its magic resistance), one among Berserkers, Rogues, or Wizards may be the better dealer than the other two in a specific instance.

The melee damage dealers have a medium number of hit points per level, but cannot wear the heaviest armors and are less likely than a "tank" class to be able to survive direct attacks for a sustained period of time.

    Beastlord, Berserker, Monk, Ranger, Rogue


Caster classes have the lowest hit points per level and can only wear the lightest of armors. Casters draw their power from an internal pool of mana, which takes some time to regenerate and thus demands judicious and efficient use of spells.

All caster classes have the ability to 'Research', an activity where all players can make spells for use by other players. These are made using assortments of different pieces of quest material found in the game.

    Magician, Necromancer, Wizard

Crowd Control & Utility

These classes share the ability to keep multiple enemies from attacking the party and have the ability to increase party members' ability to regenerate mana.

    Bard, Enchanter


Healing (AKA "Priest") classes have medium level of hit points per level and have access to healing and "buff" spells. They also hold specialized abilities like resurection, health regeneration, and damage wards to cast on either themselves or others.

    Cleric, Druid, Shaman

Class Comparison Chart

Bard  ·  Beastlord  ·  Beserker  ·  Cleric  ·  Druid  ·  Enchanter  ·  Magician  ·  Monk  ·  Necromancer  ·  Paladin  ·  Ranger  ·  Rogue  ·  Shadowknight  ·  Shaman  ·  Warrior  ·  Wizard