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Character Development is primarily considered a measure of how well rounded a character is in all of the content released. It is unlikely that most of the people you encounter in the world of Norrath will have been a current and active player in all era's EQ has known from 1999 to the present. It can be considered class specific in some respects like, a Paladin going back to camp the divine aura proc hammer from Luclin Era, and it can be more inclusive like Dragons of Norrath progression. Some considered important in the community, but not limited too, are:

  • Dragons of Norrath progression, (shown in the "Special" tab in the AA window as either keepers or dark reign)
  • Epic 2.0's on many classes for the click application in both raid and group content
  • Trials of Mata Muram (shown in the "Special" tab in the AA window)
  • The Dungeons of Darkhollow quest and rare items from group content from the expansion like -Totem of the Wurines, Feral Guardian Channeler, Ring of Dissipation, more can be found at http://samanna.net/eq.general/r.rares.shtml
  • Trades Skills (for many quests with various rewards, also an importance is placed on the Make Poison, Alchemy and Tinkering skills that are either class or race specific)
  • Journeymen Mercenary 3 access

-just to name a few. There are countless items that have effects/buffs when clicked and illusions items (mostly bard/rogue but many all/all illusion collections) that can be considered part of character development, as well. An added dimension came into play with placeable items and real estate and, in some cases, have returned some value to older items once mainstays in character development but have since been rendered obsolete. Due to the ability one has to display some items in a home or guild structure. It's worth noting some think these are vanity items and others are more appreciative of what could be described as "historical significance."

*I'd suggest you seek out others of the class you are dedicated to developing and try to be collaborative, sharing information on items and quests you have found beneficial. Always be open to new suggestions and be cognizant you never know when you might discover something new to you from a past era.

Do Quests[]

Kill Monsters[]

Make friends, and explore.  Items will drop you can equip.  You will get money.  Try going to The Bazaar zone, and type /bazaar, and buying stuff, but make sure to check the required level and remember these are farmed items before buying - you don't want to accidentally purchase something that you didn't know you couldn't use. 

Accomplish Achievements[]

Type /ach in game to find out more!


Make a name for yourself in game. Lead or support a guild and it's cause.