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Brell Serilis: The Duke of Below, Duke of Underfoot[]

Brell Serilis

Brell Serilis was the first to come to Norrath during The Age of Scale, and from his Plane of Underfoot, a dark realm of vast caves and endless tunnels, he quietly created a magical portal to a cavern deep in the belly of Norrath. Through this portal the Duke of Underfoot seeded the depths of Norrath with all manner of creatures. Brell then returned home, sealing his portal within a labyrinthine chamber of mystical Living Stone. During The Elder Age, he created the Dwarves as part of the gods' plan to keep watch over the dominant dragonkind.

Later, Brell returned to create the Gnomes, resembling Dwarves to some extent, yet more wiry and gnarled, consumed with tinkering with devices more so than their cousins.

Followers of Brell Serilis believe that the surface world is a waste of space. They find true happiness in the caves, caverns, and tunnels that perforate the belly of Norrath. But this is one of few points that all followers of Brell can agree upon. There are many different factions who wall worship Brell. The Runnyeye Clan of Goblins claim he is their father much to the disgust of the Dwarves of Kaladim who know that the Dwarves are the true children of Serilis. But the vicious Gnolls of Splitpaw disagree entirely. For was it not Brell who sculpted them out of the sacred Clay of Cosgrove? Followers of Brell Serilis in one form or another can be found nearly anywhere you enter the Underfoot of Norrath.

The main temple to Brell is understandably in the underground Dwarven city of Kaladim, but there is another smaller temple in Gnomish Ak'Anon (shared with his close ally Bristlebane). His worship among those races is customary but hardly required. Clerics and Paladins train in both places, but few Gnomes follow the path of wisdom. He is also honored by a few Halfling Rogues and Warriors. Finally, some Bards who feel the rhythm of the Earth beneath their feet beat their drums in imitation.