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Bertoxxulous: The Plaguebringer[]


Followers of Bertoxxulous believe the only truth on Norrath is that everything dies. They view the decay of flesh as a thing of ultimate beauty. The subtle purples of a fresh bruise, the almost irridescent yellow green of an infested pustule, are but a few of the things that His followers relish. It is not surprising that many of His followers pursue the dark art of Necromancy, for to them nothing is more desirable than to be surrounded by beings who, even in unlife, continue to rot and decay. Do not take this to mean that His followers are suicidal or seek a quick death. To the contrary, they wish to live long, painful lives, spreading their dark, diseased stain across all of Norrath. Most other gods, even the evil ones, regard him as an abomination, but Rodcet Nife is his most hated adversary.

Bertoxxulous has a small cult among Humans and a few Half Elves in the Qeynos Catacombs and a somewhat larger one deep in the bowels of Gnomish Ak'Anon. Both cults mainly recruit Cleric, Necromancer and Shadowknight acolytes, but will take melee fighters and other casters willing to spread the sickness of his influence.