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The hardy race of Barbarians, or Northmen, use their wisdom and formidable brawn to defend honor and justice. Their magnificent stature is a sight to behold; even more so when it is unleashed in battle. Barbarians are one of the tallest races to walk the lands of Norrath.

As a tribal culture, Barbarians are a little rough around the edges when it comes to interactions with other races. Even the Barbarians' mannerisms and features have a rugged quality.

The Barbarians consider themselves superior to other inhabitants of Norrath, particularly the Tier'Dal and Erudites, which are viewed as pathetically weak. Barbarians have a special place in their hearts for the Dwarves of Kaladim whom they view as steadfast and brave. The high quality of Dwarven mead may also have some influence on the cordial relationship between the two races. Ogres, Trolls, Dark Elves, and other evil races are hated, as they directly oppose the Barbarians' sense of justice.


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Class STR DEX AGI STA INT CHA WIS Bonus Points Deities
Beastlord 103 70 87 105 60 60 80 20 Mithaniel Marr, The Tribunal
Berserker 113 80 82 100 60 55 70 25 Agnostic, Rallos Zek, The Tribunal
Rogue 103 80 92 95 60 55 70 30 Agnostic, Bristlebane, The Tribunal
Shaman 103 70 82 100 60 60 80 30 The Tribunal
Warrior 113 70 87 105 60 55 70 25 Agnostic, Rallos Zek, The Tribunal

Bold numbers indicate suggested stats by the game to put bonus points into.

Starting City[]