Arias (Revolt Leader)
Vital statistics
Title Revolt Leader
Gender Male
Race Barbarian
Faction the Gloomingdeep slave revolt
Health Health
Level Level
Status Status
Location The Mines of Gloomingdeep


Good at Bind Wound, already opened the lock on both of your cell, but alas his pilfered chisel broke.


Arias is an NPC who begins the "Jail Break!" quest. He also begins the "Basic Training" quest.


After clicking "ok" Arias will assist you in fighting The Gloomingdeep Jailor, whom drops The Gloomingdeep Jailor's Key needed for the "Jail Break!" quest.


  • 'Relax for a moment. I just set your ribs back into place after the kobolds left you here. You're lucky to be alive!'
  • 'You still look a little dazed, my friend. Why don't you take a moment to get your bearings.'
  • 'Hello, friend. My name's Arias and it's luck for you I'm good at binding wounds. You almost didn't make it. 'You can thank me later though. For now let's join forces and [escape] this dungeon."
  • 'Glad you're with me! I already worked this lock open with a chisel I stole from the mines. That's one obstacle out of the way. Here's what we have left to do. . .'
  • 'Okay, I'm following you. Together we should be able to bring down the Gloomingdeep Jailor.'
  • 'How's that for a little payback! The fight probably took a little bit out of ya'. Grab a seat and rest up. We'll need all out strength if we're going to get out of here with our limbs intact.'
  • 'Shhh, you hear that commotion? It sounds like a slave revolt has broken out elsewhere in the mines. That must be why we were left alone here with the jailor! Hurry, let's find the rest of the slaves!'
  • 'We found the other slaves! Not bad, my friend, not bad. No matter what happens in the mines, you should always be able to find your way back here. If you seek allies in other instances of these mines, I can send you there if you [wish].'
  • 'I understand. Hopefully you can find what, or whom, you seek.'


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