Ambassador D'vinn [[Image:[1]]] is the ambassador for the Teir'Dal Dark Elves and the Crushbone Orcs. He resides in Crushbone Keep, and, when spawned, his combat level ranges between level 18 and level 22. (Level 30 for Fabled form)

Ambassador D'Vinn

Location Edit

Ambassador D'vinn can be found in Crushbone Keep, and Crushbone: Dethroning the Emperor

Faction Edit

Ambassador D'vinn's only faction is the Indigo Brotherhood, and his opposing factions are the Emerald Warriors, the Primordial Malice, and the Steel Warriors. He typically attacks any non-Teir'Dal on sight, and sometimes he even attacks some Teir'Dal.

Quests Edit

The quests that Ambassador D'vinn can be killed for are Crude Stein, the Falchion, and Dethroning the Emperor.

Known Loot Edit

When killed, Ambassador D'vinn drops any or all of the following items: a Black Heart, Dark Elf Parts, a Dragoon Dirk, and/or Words of Enlightenment.

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