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• 11/27/2017

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• 6/16/2014

Wood Elf Beastlord

So I noticed that the Wood Eld has the option to be a Beastlord.  I came to check what the familure is for that race, only to discover the wikia has not been updated with that information.
Could someone let me know what the animal companion is for a Wood Elf Beastloard?
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• 4/7/2014

GM rage

any thing better than a gm that can click and point
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• 3/22/2014

I miss voice commands

many years back I bought dragon nat speak in part if u did u could use in game voice commands. just say target 1andu target ur first group mate then cast one and off goes ur heal. never did I have to worry about miss clicking or fat fingering a nuke instead of the heal I needed.
I so wish that functionality was back in the game. the vrdlay is still in "help" list but not the rest of it.
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• 1/1/2014


Haha.. I like the fact that this says "stuff nobody gives a shit about" for alcohol tolerance, actually that can be a good asset because there are mobs (and I ran into some) that do cause  you to be drunk and can't fight. So I do care about that. Sense heading is automatic now, didn't used to be, that can be useful at times but with in-game maps not really nessessary anymore.
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• 12/28/2013

The Elddar Forest

Expansion: Prophecy of Ro
Level: 65-87 (est. depending on your gear, augs and other things)
Mostly a group zone or raid zone, but it can be soloed.
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• 12/11/2013

Suffix Title

I have "The Adventurous" as my suffix, I know I signed up for beta for Prophecy of Ro but I never really used it.. so even though I never used beta for that I guess I still get this.. confused, but nice :)
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• 12/6/2013


I know technically fishing should be some kind of tradeskill because it's listed under "skills" in EQ.. by why aren't there fishing trophies.. mine is maxed out now at 200 :/
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• 11/26/2013

Faction with King Xorbb

I was wondering why my faction gets better with King Xorbb whenever I kill goblins (or does it worsen) I can't remember it's been a few days (as I age in RL my memory gets worse) but killing goblins even in Butcherblock does affect your faction.. just wanted to put that out there.
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• 11/25/2013

Dark Elf city

Thanks, I appreciate you letting me know, hopefully I'm a high enough level to do some damage there because that class killed me a TON of times in Mistmoore.
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• 11/22/2013

The Stalker Among Us

Hmm.. this kind of thing used to be civil.. get in the arena, kill someone and be done with it. But the way this was handled.. well, now that stalker "fudged the bucket and told you too many words to know" ~ Group X.. haha :)
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• 11/19/2013


Well, it seems that I killed enough brownies (they never liked me anyway) being a woodelf ranger and I killed enough to earn an AA for that type of mob. I needed the brownie parts for making my winter chocolate and have been doing so in Lesser Faydark. I know there are other zones with brownies, but I'm certain I won't get killed here being lvl 85.. :)
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• 11/18/2013

Rangers death

I have to disagree with Rangers dying as much as other classes. That class simply doesn't have the HP to take on mobs that con white and above unless you have uber gear, which I don't and never did. I also find myself dying less though I have to say soloing than grouping because I know what my ranger can handle.
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• 11/11/2013

The Named Plaguebringer Rat

Sometimes this huge rat will drop a scepter worth 47 plat, so I find it useful to kill this hideous beast when I can.
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• 11/11/2013


Anyone else hip to Qeynos being Sony EQ backwards?
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• 11/4/2013

Where to get/find lvl 85 and above Ranger spells?

I was wondering if anyone knew where to get these? I know that at lvl 85 you can get them with shards in Feerott 2 but I'm not sure what vendor to go to for it.. also I don't know what is required to get these spells once you have a shard. Someone told me that there is a quest you need to do, but they weren't specific. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me vendor/NPC/zone etc. Thank you :)
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• 11/3/2013

Elven Wine

I made this many times for weddings/parties and such, you will need to forage in Greater Faydark and Lesser Faydark (last I tried this)
Trivial at: 115
Morning dew (forage), berries (forage) wine yeast, bottle
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• 11/2/2013

Smoked Wood Elf

For those of you on "the dark side" and want to try this recipe. I find it rather disturbing since I'm a wood elf.. but whatever suits you.. haha.
Trivial at: 95
Wood Elf parts, spices, smoker, spit or oven
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• 11/1/2013

Ranger's Omelette

I thought this was quite interesting (dusting of my PoP strategy guide again) 
Trivial at: 90
Egg (eggs of different types yield different volumes of dough), cheese (no idea how to make this the book doesn't say but I'm sure in game it will), plant shoot, non-stick frying pan, spit or oven.
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• 10/30/2013

Wood elf website

I was doing some web surfing and found this website to be interesting as well for wood elves :)
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